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Eva's beloved ice hockey team is in jeopardy when Dixon, a charming dog from a local adoption event, suddenly disappears. Suspicion falls on Dr. B, the town vet and the event's organizer. As tensions rise, a scathing news article threatens Dr. B's reputation, and the townsfolk turn their backs on him.

With the fate of Eva's hockey team hanging in the balance, Eva’s dogs, Buddy and Panda, must put their detective skills to the test. Can they unravel the mystery of Dixon's disappearance, clear Dr. B's name, and save both his veterinary practice and the hockey season?

Join this dynamic doggy duo as they sniff out clues, unravel secrets, and embark on a heartwarming adventure that proves that true friendship and teamwork can overcome even the most challenging of mysteries.

Dognapped at the Ice Rink is a tail-wagging, page-turning tale of loyalty, courage, and the power of pawsitivity that will delight readers of all ages.

Dognapped at the Ice Rink (paperback)

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