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Buddy and Panda Mysteries

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Meet Buddy and Panda, the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of the canine world.

Buddy might be an aging German short-haired pointer, but that hasn’t slowed down his mind at all. He and Panda, a black lab mix whose mind is always on food, belong to Eva, a 10-year-old girl who plays ice hockey.

From finding a missing hockey stick to discovering who is leaving mean signs on the locker room door, Buddy and Panda will leave no stone unturned (or popcorn uneaten) to solve the case.

Eva loves playing hockey, and she knows her new stick will make her a star.

Until it goes missing.

Now, everything has gone wrong. Her team is losing, and one of her best friends won’t talk to her.

Can Eva’s dogs, Buddy and Panda, solve the mystery of the missing hockey stick before it’s too late to save Eva’s season – and her friendship?


Who doesn’t want girls to play hockey?

As one of two girls on her hockey team, Eva is upset when someone posts a sign on the locker room door that says, “No Girls Allowed!” But she tries to pretend it didn’t happen.

More signs show up, and Eva must face the fact that someone doesn’t want her and her friend Josie on the team.

When all signs point to the culprit being a member of her own team, will Eva stand up for herself or continue to brush it aside?

And can her dogs Buddy and Panda figure out who is posting the signs before it tears the team apart?

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