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The Palumbra Chronicles

Maeve Jackson lives in a totalitarian world where her every move is monitored. But the government is just looking out for the people’s best interests, right?

Join Maeve and her friends as she uncovers a time capsule from the past that shakes the foundation of her life. She will have to choose between safety and family and a revolution. As Maeve uncovers the secrets of the past, can she and her friends save the future?

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The Lost Years

A mysterious box. An oppressive government. A horrifying secret.

17-year-old Maeve Jackson has never known a life that isn’t controlled by the World Government…

Until she stumbles across a message from The Lost Years that turns her and her friends into fugitives.

No one knows what happened during The Lost Years. Will the mysterious time capsule Maeve found lead her to the truth about those years?

When Maeve and her friends venture into the unknown world outside of Palumbra to decipher the messages in the time capsule, they discover the World Government is working to resurrect horrors from the past.

As they race to stop the World Government from implementing its plan, can Maeve use the story of the past to save the future?

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The Lost

Maeve Jackson helped save the people of Palumbra, but there were consequences. Maeve is left with nightmares and a loss of purpose…

Until a government patrol doesn’t return from a scouting mission to the newly found city, The Hub.

Maeve and her friends join the mission to discover what happened to the patrol, and what they find puts Palumbra back in the crosshairs of an old enemy and Maeve’s group of friends once again at the forefront of a race to save Palumbra.

But this time, it might cost Maeve everything.

Can Maeve and her friends discover what killed the people of The Hub before it kills them?


the time

Seventeen-year-old Emma didn’t mind being part of The Experiment…
Until her boyfriend Trent discovered what it was really all about.

With time running out, Emma, Trent and their friends race to stop their war-ravaged existence from becoming even worse. Forced into hiding, they lead a quiet rebellion…
Until the day they have to make a choice.
Their decision will have consequences far beyond the present day – and just might save the future.

Dive into the world of The Palumbra Chronicles with this exciting glimpse of The Lost Years.

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